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Join us in the last day of 2015 to welcome 2016
with the best Salsa crowd in Manchester.
From 9:30 PM 'till 4 AM
We love you to experiance with us an electrifying atmospher
with the best Latin music including Salsa, merengue, reggaeton,bachata & Latin hits.
A night no to be missed!!!
Join us in our Halloween Party on Friday October 30th .
Please be a good sport dressing up for the occation. The venue will be decorated and we are all up for a good night... I promise you will be terrific!!!
 Salsa En Manchester in association with Mancuban present :
The event starts with an exciting Art Exhibition by the artist Agnieszka Matyjaszsek. Her work will be familiar to regular Walkabout salseros. Her pictures adorn the walls around the dance areas.
Copacabana legend DJ Vlad and the North West's premier cuban DJ Les from Mancuban (100% Cubano, Republic of Salsa) will join forces to unleash the latest cuban beats and the very best latin flavours for a special bank holiday fiesta.
Don't miss the Son Cubano class. It's a chance to explore a fundamental part of cuban salsa (Class with Les 9.00pm.)
Also, VITO AND REBECCA (Italy) will be making their first appearace at Wallkabout with a brand new showcase (Show 11.30pm).
Add your voice to the sound of the crowd ¡ AHI NAMA!
This time our guest DJ is DJLubi he will be joining us in our weekly Salsa Manchester at the Walkabout on July  31st.
This time we will have the fantastic DJ LES MANCUBAN
Very well recognized Cuban style DJ In Manchester and uk. he will be joining us to refresh the night with new and classic cuban track.
Recomended to all Cuban dancer that have the passion for Cuba.